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A number of pundits are saying that now is NOT the time to buy a home. They look at how prices have fallen over the last four years and claim that investing in real estate is too risky. However, we must also look at the gamble one takes in not buying to determine which is the riskier of the propositions. The cost of renting today verses the cost of purchasing a home today must be compared. We must also consider probable future costs in order to fully calculate the risk. We must think a few moves ahead.

We must play chess, not checkers.

There is much to consider in the rent/buy decision. If you own a home, your mobility is curtailed to some degree. If you rent, there is less stability in the household as the landlord, not the tenant, determines if or when the house must be vacated. For the sake of today’s debate, we will only look at the financial aspects of this decision.


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In today’s economic condition, most people find it difficult to buy a house. Mortgage loans are difficult to get; some even have bad credit history that prevent banks from providing finance to buy a house. What the majority does is to opt for rented houses or apartments. However, there is still an option for those who are dreaming of owning a house. It is called lease purchase or rent to own home. It is the most widely practiced real estate technique these days. The essence of lease purchase is that you make a contract with the house owner, pay a monthly rent, live in the house, and when the contract expires buy the house. There is no need for paying the full price of the property up front. You can pay in monthly installments in the form of rent while you start to live in the house even before the seller has transferred the title to you. In the meantime, the buyer can arrange the finances to buy the property at the end of the contract period. It is like buying a home in installments.

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January 23, 1:07 pm

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