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Anyone in the real estate industry for any length of time realizes that the education required and the resources necessary to be a true industry professional have dramatically increased over the last two decades. In today’s volatile market, it is necessary to have a true real estate professional if you want to sell your home for the best possible price in the shortest amount of time – and make sure the deal gets to the closing table!

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) explained in a recent Existing Sales Report that 18% of all contracts were cancelled in the previous month. This compares to 16% the prior month and 9% in August of 2010.

The good news is homeowners have realized that attempting to sell their home on their own is an arduous process best left to an industry expert. According to NAR’s 2011 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the percentage of sellers selling on their own, known as For Sale By Owners (FSBOs), has dropped almost in half over the last 20 years:

Article by KCM Blog

Many people ask us whether they should hire an agent to sell their home or whether they should first try as a For Sale by Owner (FSBO). In today’s volatile market, we believe this is an easy decision: you need an experienced professional!

You need an expert guide if you are traveling a dangerous path

The field of real estate is loaded with land mines. You need a true expert to guide you through the dangerous pitfalls that currently exist. Finding a buyer willing to pay fair market value for your home at a time that there are mass inventories of foreclosures Greenville SC and short sales Greenville SC will take a true real estate professional. Finding reasonable financing can also be tricky in today’s lending environment.

You need a skilled negotiator

In today’s market, hiring a talented negotiator could save you thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars. Each step of the way – from the original offer, to the possible re-negotiation of that off after a home inspection, to the possible cancellation of the deal based on a troubled appraisal – you need someone who can keep the deal together until it closes.

Realize that when an agent is negotiating their commission with you, they are negotiating their own salary; the salary that keeps a roof over their family’s head; the salary that puts food on their family’s table. If they are quick to take less when negotiating for themselves and their families, what makes you think they will not act the same way when negotiating for you and your family? If they were Clark Kent when negotiating with you, they will not turn into Superman when negotiating with the buyer or seller in your deal.

Article by kcmblog.com

Keller Williams Realty to Launch eEdge, the Real Estate Industry’s
First Comprehensive Agent Business Platform
Seamless Solution Available to Network of More Than 80,000 Associates in February
AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 10, 2011) – Keller Williams Realty announced  today that it will launch the real estate industry’s first complete lead-to-close business solution for every agent in the company, eEdge. The first phase of eEdge, voted on and ratified by the company’s Associate Leadership Councils, will officially launch at the company’s annual convention in February 2011.
While many agents spend their day logging into several different systems to manage their business, eEdge will be the first fully-integrated front and back-end platform for real estate professionals. This single platform will enable agents to:

• Funnel and maintain all their contacts, leads and clients into one database
• Create, print and send custom marketing and sales material
• Manage their Web site and their listings
• Facilitate and complete their transactions paperlessly, with an online portal for clients and co-op agents

“Keller Williams is determined to stay ahead of the curve to provide the most services and  support in the industry to our entire network – especially in today’s real estate climate,” said Mark Willis, CEO of Keller Williams Realty. “This is just the latest demonstration of our commitment to helping our agents accelerate their leadership internationally as well as in their local markets.”
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The Wall Street Journal  ~  In an article last week, 10 Reasons To Buy a Home, Brett Arends reported:

Sure, maybe there’s more pain to come in the housing market. But when Time magazine starts running covers that declare “Owning a home may no longer make economic sense,” it’s time to say: Enough is enough.

He then posted 10 reasons to buy a home today:
1. You can get a good deal.
2. Mortgages are cheap.
3. You can save on taxes.
4. It will be yours.
5. You’ll get a better home.
6. It offers some inflation protection.
7. It’s risk capital.
8. It’s forced savings.
9. There is a lot to choose from.
10. Sooner or later, the market will clear.

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Greenville – 9th Best City Out of 315 US Markets For Investing In Houses (Local Market Monitor)

New Jobs Coming To Greenville, SC

Are you thinking of selling your home? Are you dreading having to deal with strangers walking through the house? Are you concerned about getting the paperwork correct? Hiring a professional real estate agent can take away most of the challenges of selling. A great agent is always worth more than the commission they charge just like a great doctor or great accountant. You want to deal with one of the best agents in your marketplace. To do this, you must be able to distinguish the average agent from the great one. Let us help.

If I were hiring an agent to sell my home today, I would require they:

1. Tell me the truth about the price
Too many agents just take the listing at any price and then try to the ‘work the seller’ for a price correction later. Demand that the agent prove to you that they have a belief in the price they are suggesting. Make them show you their plan to sell the house at that price – TWICE! Every house in today’s market must be sold two times – first to a buyer and then to the bank.

The second sale may be more difficult than he first. The residential appraisal process has gone through a complete overhaul in the last twelve months. It has become more difficult to get the banks to agree on the contract price. A red flag should be raised if your agent is not discussing this with you at the time of the listing.

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For the 3rd straight year Keller Williams Realty has won the JD Power and Associates award for highest buyer satisfaction among national real estate companies.

With a company culture that honors God, Family and then Career winning this award is a natural result of those principled values at work.  The company also offers continual training that keeps Realtors up to date on the quickly changing trends and legal landscape of real estate.

January 23, 1:13 pm

Ariana Zariah, turned out to be the best real estate agent for us! After, having THE WORST EXPERENICE with another Greenville area, real estate agent, we almost called it quits.
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